Pulga’s rich history was born of the indigenous Concow-Maidu in the lush landscape of the Plumas forest, transformed by the men that came in search of wealth and land, and now a new mythology born of the contemporary women who have come to settle in their stead. 

The remnants of what once was the vibrant town of Pulga were handed to the women who have come to restore it to its glory in March of 2015. This project was no small task; without the community of friends who took to endeavor with insurmountable dedication and courage, this town would not have come to be.  With a small budget and army of allies, Betsy Ann Cowley moved forward with a fortitude that would shame even the most capable. The land needed work beyond measure before projects could begin. Goats and pigs were brought in to remove the gnarled blackberry that had taken over, gatherings of friends were held to discuss the potential, and one by one projects were laid out for completion. There was careful intention to work the land in an organic and sustainable fashion, while this would take more time, the vision to maintain the soil fertility and biological diversity was of the utmost importance. With the land cleared, the existing structures were surveyed for salvage lumber to be reincorporated in the restoration process and creating a unique style that you can find in every residence.

Many thanks are owed to the eclectic community that donated to the hive mind and generous time needed to breathe life back into Pulga, but it is the pioneering women who have stamped it with its bold authenticity. Much of the particular charm found throughout town was brought to the property by well-known stylist friends Janay Rose and Jesse Brown, whose unique style touched many of the structures and cozy interiors. Jesse Roadkill, renowned San Francisco multi-media artist has placed her stamp throughout the property with her original art and intrepid direction. Betsy Ann Cowley, the mastermind behind the concept has led the way for development oversight, and Natalie Trotta has brought her keen work ethic and business prowess.

Betsy Ann has  teamed up with Natalie Trotta, Samantha Zangrilli, and Cheetah to see this project to the finish line. The story of Pulga turns a new leaf this summer of 2017 as we prepare to open the doors and rent the town for others to explore. 

The ladies of Pulga invite you to join us in the writing of our next chapter… 


Many thanks are owed to all the friends and community that have lent a hand to our town, with special mention to the following contributors: 

Marshall Moody of MBM Construction for his dedication and personal commitment to this project

Cheetah & Sammy Zangrilli of Turkey Tail Farms for their unwavering support and encouragement

Marcus Guillard and One Hat One Hand for their assistance in getting this project off the ground

Bristle Bros, Wythe Boward & Josh Powell for their artistic contributions

Benji Wall, for developing and designing the website, content strategy and copy editing.

Brittany Cole Bush, BCB Shepherdess for hides

April Glaser, Andy Miller, Jessie Brown, Matthew Harman, Cole Duncan, Aiya Jordan-Kawasaki, Toby Fray, Grant and Rachel Fivis, Richie Kay, Andi Lipson, Emmy Jenkins, Garrett Compton Daniells, Andrew Poyner, Justinian Morton, Davis Galligan, David Paris,  John Kane, Joelle Clare, Ashli Kanzler, Madeline Brown, Ryan Zwerski, Kate Cowley, Dave Cowley, Cindy Jackson, Pat Miles, and Bucky Zimmerman for their relentless support and assistance.

And the Union Pacific Railroad… 

The local railway workers were remarkably impressed with the lady leaders of this fledgling new venture. They watched in admiration at the fierce teams of women drawing up plans, managing build crews, and directing the exuberant flow of construction. In this spirit, and throughout the process, they have offered invaluable assistance with time and equipment when needed.  For the hard work, encouragement and kindness, the ladies of Pulga offer endless thanks and praise.