the old-fashioned way

Back in the days of the gandy dancers, things were done by hand.  Moving in syncopated unison, these railroad workers used rhythm, song, and synergy to tamp the ballast, the gravel that forms the bed of the railroad, and manipulate the tracks.  Gandy dancers have since been replaced by machines, but their legacy lives on in Pulga, the newly restored gold town established at the turn of the 20th century.

Supplemented with modern conveniences, Pulga celebrates the older ways of doing things.  Before you had a smart phone and a full inbox and a Cloud, you sat outside with family and friends.  You connected on human to human.  You played board games.  You explored nature and were present, not constantly distracted by a text or a post.  

Disconnect. Relax. Explore.

Pulga is your opportunity to slow down, unwind.