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The Feather River Canyon is home to some of Northern California's best hunting and fishing.  Rather than do it all in one day, make a long weekend of hunting and/or fishing and wake up comfortably in a cabin in the National Forest.  Pulga's Whiskey Flats is the perfect cabin and campsite for enjoying the fruits of your labor - we're equipped for grilling large pieces of meat over an open fire, whether it be grill or spit.  

Directly off of Whiskey Flats winds Camp Creek, the county road that eases through Pulga's private property and takes you back out into Plumas National Forest where deer, turkey, quail, and duck hunting can be had at appropriate seasons in compliance with Fish & Game's regulations.  

Local Butcher, George Westbrook is available by appointment for onsite gutting and cutting. For your larger cuts, Chico Locker is a great family-owned-and-operated company worth checking out as they do a superb job smoking, processing, and packaging.    For those interested in a home base for your hunting excursion, take a look at Whiskey Flats Camp in Pulga.    

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