Pulga's Plants & Animals

The town of Pulga is nestled in Plumas National Forest, a vast wilderness of more than one million acres created by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1905.  Pulga's close proximity to the ever-flowing spring fed Flea Creek, and the rushing Feather River creates a unique microclimate for the town making it ideal for a large variety of trees and a abundance of California's unique fauna.  

Pulga's Plants

Pine family: Douglas fir, ponderosa,gray pine

Erica/blueberry: madrone, viscid manzanita, big berry manzanita

Oak: interior live oak, canyon, black

Bay: orego/ bay myrthe

Redwood/cypress family: incense cedar

Willow: 2-3 dif. Variety, alder

Verbs & small herbaceous: pipeline, epipachs orchids, monkey flower, buckwheat, coffee ferns, pentagram fern,indian paintbrush

Medicinal: mugwort, sage, mullin, feverfew, comfrey, horsetail, stickey monkey flower, lemon balm

Trees: walnut, almond, cherries, apples, apricot, plum, bluet, peaches, pear, cherry plums, pulga purple peaches


Pulga's Animals

Mammals: Ringtail (miner’s cat/cacomistle), raccoon, mouse, mole, bat, otter, mountain beaver, dog ,cat, bobcat, mountain lion, bear, goat, pig, chicken, blue squirrel, deer, skunk

Aquatic: native mountain rainbow trout, crawfish, goby, whuptoli

Birds: loon, bluejay, hawks, quail, bald eagle, Pulga peregrine falcon, humming bird, chicken?, great grackle, turkey

Reptiles & Amphibians: California mounting kingsnake, whiptail snake, Pulga white lipped frog, alligator lizard, fence swift, garter snake, tree frog, sharp tailed snake, Sierra newt, ring neck snake, yellow legged foothill frog

Arthropods: ladybugs, katydid, millipede, centipede, scorpion, butterflies, pulga velvet tarantula