Research Residency

The town of Pulga is home to a wealth of possibilities for environmental, sociological, and historical research. This is why Pulga would like to extend the offer of a research residency program to fully-funded researchers looking to situate themselves in a highly fruitful historical, sociological and environmental research center.

Whether your interest lies in unique microclimates, the life cycle and resulting ecosystem of the Foothill Yellow-Legged Frog, the endangered Peregrine Falcon, the 100+ years of gold mining and railroad history, the sociological communal-living timeline from native settlement to hippie colony to sustainable town, or any other number of aspects, Pulga houses an intriguing host of prospects for study.

Sound like a good fit?  If so, please provide us with the following information to get the process started.

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Tell us a bit about your research and what you hope to study at Pulga.